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Here you will find my online portfolio, art has been an influence my entire life the greatest influence being Marvel Comics Not only the art though the incredible stories as well, I also enjoy anime Robotech,Full Metal Alchemist just to name a few,I'm also an avid map builder with the unreal editor ( Working on a ctf map for UT3 it is now 99% done ) There are now screenshots of my ut3 map on the projects page check them out, im also very interested in 3D modeling and animation and as you can see website design as well. For the time being more screenshots of my UT Maps can be found at Thank You for visiting my site enjoy youre stay Excelsior ! Long live Stan Lee

The Minds Eye

For those meant to strive to yearn to those who no horizon is too far no sea too deep for whom no challenges remain though its assumed the universe posessed the stars fall from the hand

Welcome to my vision enjoy you're stay thanks Opt